Amps to Milliamps (A to mA) Conversion Calculator

Use our interactive calculator to easily convert amps to milliamps (A to mA).

Amps to Milliamps Conversion Calculator

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milliamps (mA)
Conversion formula: mA = A × 1000

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Amps to Milliamps Conversion Chart

Here is a conversion chart converting common values of amps to milliamps.

Amps (A)Milliamps (mA)
0.01 A10 mA
0.02 A20 mA
0.03 A30 mA
0.04 A40 mA
0.05 A50 mA
0.06 A60 mA
0.07 A70 mA
0.08 A80 mA
0.09 A90 mA
0.1 A100 mA
0.2 A200 mA
0.25 A250 mA
0.3 A300 mA
0.4 A400 mA
0.5 A500 mA
0.6 A600 mA
0.7 A700 mA
0.75 A750 mA
0.8 A800 mA
0.9 A900 mA
1 A1000 mA
2 A2000 mA
3 A3000 mA
4 A4000 mA
5 A5000 mA

Note: Don't see the values you're looking for in this chart? Use our amps to milliamps conversion calculator at the top of this page to calculate them for your specific scenario.

How to Convert Amps to Milliamps (A to mA)

There are 1000 milliamps in 1 amp, just like how there are 1000 millimeters in 1 meter.

So, to convert amps to milliamps, just multiply amps times 1000.

Conversion formula: milliamps = amps × 1000

Abbreviated: mA = A × 1000


A while back I made my own solar phone charger and used a USB power meter to measure its output. When I did, I got a result of 0.46 amps.

A USB meter displaying the voltage and amperage output of the solar charger
My DIY solar phone charger produced a current of 0.46 amps, or 460 milliamps.

Here's how to convert this number to milliamps:

0.46 A × 1000 = 460 mA

So, in this example, my solar charger was outputting a current of 460 milliamps.


How to Convert Milliamps to Amps (mA to A)

Need to convert the other way?

To convert milliamps to amps, divide amps by 1000.

Conversion formula: amps = milliamps ÷ 1000

Abbreviated: A = mA ÷ 1000


Let's say you use have some LED string lights. You look at the label on the lights and see that they consume 100 milliamps.

Here's how to convert this number to amps:

100 mA ÷ 1000 = 0.1 A

So, in this example, your lights consume 0.1 amps of current when on.

What Is an Amp?

The ampere -- often shortened to amp -- is the SI base unit of electrical current. Electrical current is a count of the number of charged particles flowing through a conductor.

Ampere is abbreviated A. So, 1 ampere can be written as 1 A.

What Is a Milliamp?

A milliampere -- often shortened to milliamp -- is a submultiple of the ampere equivalent to one thousandth of an ampere (10-3 A or 0.001 A).

Milliampere is abbreviated mA. So, 1 milliampere can be written as 1 mA.

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