My Policies on Covering Gifted Products

  1. I will be honest. I make content to help my audience, and as such I will be honest with them about what I like and dislike about a product.
  2. I follow the FTC’s material connection disclosure guidelines. I always disclose when I have received a product for free.
  3. I follow Google’s nofollow guidelines for gifted products. Per Google’s guidelines, if you have provided me with a sample, I will nofollow all links in my content to your site and any other site promoting your product or company.
  4. I expect you to let me keep the product. If you want the product back after I’ve published my coverage, please specify this in your request.
  5. I will use my experience to determine the best way to cover your product. For instance, I might choose to structure my coverage as a tutorial or a field test rather than a review. My goal is always to cover products in the ways that resonate most with my audience.
  6. It might be a while before I publish my coverage. I strive to get plenty of hands-on experience with all the products I cover. Doing so takes time.
  7. I reserve the right not to cover your product. If you choose to send me a product, I make no claim whatsoever to cover your product, positively or negatively, in writing, video, or audio. I rarely exercise this right, though. If I accept a gifted product, I almost always make every effort to cover it. I will mainly choose not to cover a product if the product gets discontinued, modified, or updated in some meaningful way before my coverage has been published.

If you agree to these policies, use this Google Form to fill out a product coverage request.