Kiloamps to Amps (kA to A) Conversion Calculator

Use our calculator to easily convert kiloamps to amps (kA to A).

Kiloamps to Amps Conversion Calculator

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Conversion formula: A = kA × 1000

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Kiloamps to Amps Conversion Chart

Here is a conversion chart converting common values of kiloamps to amps.

Kiloamps (kA)Amps (A)
0.001 kA1 A
0.002 kA2 A
0.003 kA3 A
0.004 kA4 A
0.005 kA5 A
0.01 kA10 A
0.02 kA20 A
0.03 kA30 A
0.04 kA40 A
0.05 kA50 A
0.1 kA100 A
0.2 kA200 A
0.3 kA300 A
0.4 kA400 A
0.5 kA500 A
0.6 kA600 A
0.7 kA700 A
0.8 kA800 A
0.9 kA900 A
1 kA1000 A
2 kA2000 A
3 kA3000 A
4 kA4000 A
5 kA5000 A

Note: Don't see the values you're looking for in this chart? Use our kiloamps to amps converter at the top of this page to calculate them for your specific scenario.

How to Convert Kiloamps to Amps (kA to A)

To convert kiloamps to amps, multiply kiloamps by 1000.

Conversion formula: amps = kiloamps × 1000

Abbreviated formula: A = kA × 1000


For instance, consider an industrial arc welder with a current draw of 0.2 kiloamps.

Here's how to convert this number to amps:

0.2 kA × 1000 = 200 A

So, in this example, the arc welder has a current rating of 200 amps. For comparison, most household electronics use less than 10 amps. You'd need some seriously thick wire to be able to handle all those amps -- not to mention an abundance of caution due to the safety risks associated with that level of current.

When it comes to DIY solar and 12V electronics, because wiring costs increase as a system's amperage increases, you'll often see people design their systems in ways that try to increase voltage rather than amperage. Wattage is based on both amperage and voltage, after all.

For instance, a DIY solar enthusiast might increase the wattage of their solar array by wiring solar panels in series (which increases voltage) rather than in parallel (which increases amperage).

How to Convert Amps to Kiloamps (A to kA)

Need to convert the other way?

To convert amps to kiloamps, you divide the number of amps by 1000.

Conversion formula: kiloamps = amps ÷ 1000

Abbreviated formula: kA = A ÷ 1000


Let's say I measured the current draw of a plasma cutting machine and found it to be 120 amps.

Here's how to convert this number to kiloamps:

120 A ÷ 1000 = 0.12 kA

So, in this example, the machine uses 0.12 kiloamps.

That's it!

What Is a Kiloamp?

A kiloampere -- often shortened to kiloamp -- is a multiple of the ampere equivalent to one thousand amperes (103 A or 1,000 A).

Kiloampere is abbreviated kA. So, 1 kiloampere can be written as 1 kA.

What Is an Amp?

The ampere -- often shortened to amp -- is the SI base unit of electrical current. Electrical current is a measurement of the amount of electrical charge passing a point in a circuit per unit time.

Ampere is abbreviated A. So, 1 ampere can be written as 1 A.

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