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Whatever your project, Footprint Hero is here to help you go from idea to reality.

✅ Ebike solar charger? You bet!
✅ Apartment-friendly solar power system? Hell yeah!
✅ Life-size, animatronic replica of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Ummmm…sure?

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The Story Behind Footprint Hero

Hey! I’m Alex Beale.

In 2019, I read The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells — and was promptly scared shitless about climate change. 💩

I soon found myself asking what I could do, however small, to help mitigate it.

Being one for over-the-top challenges, I decided to spend an entire year tracking and reducing my carbon footprint.

While there were definitely some fun parts of the low-carbon lifestyle — I fell IN LOVE with biking and oatmilk — it mostly involved a lot of self-imposed, totally un-fun restrictions.

(Think traveling less, buying less stuff, and, worst of all, eating less cheese.)

Then COVID happened, and I saw how difficult it was for everyone else to live a restricted lifestyle of an entirely different sort.

So I began wondering:

Can you live a low-carbon lifestyle without giving up many of the comforts of modern life?

As Dr. Chris Jones once put it, the four main contributors to an individual’s footprint (in the US) are “cars, coal, cows, and consumption, roughly in that order.”

And I knew from embarrassingly long YouTube rabbit holes rigorous academic research that A LOT of people were interested in DIY solar power, which could help people reduce their emissions from both “cars” and “coal.”

So I decided to learn and share all I could about solar power. Being one for over-the-top challenges, I made it my life’s work. Footprint Hero is the space I’ve created to go from idea to reality.