Hi! I’m Alex Beale, and I’m the guy behind Footprint Hero.

I’m a self-taught DIY solar power enthusiast on a journey to learn how to solar power anything. Footprint Hero is where I’m sharing what I learn – as well as the (many) mistakes I’m making along the way.

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The Story Behind Footprint Hero

Back in 2020, I got interested in building small DIY solar projects, such as solar lights and solar battery chargers. What I quickly realized, however, is there were virtually no good articles or blog posts on the topic.

I knew a little bit about building websites, so I decided to start Footprint Hero to share clear, hands-on DIY solar advice that I couldn’t find on any other blogs.

A solar charger being held in direct sunlight on a balcony
One of my first projects, a DIY solar phone charger

The blog grew slowly at first. But I knew from plenty of reader emails and comments that there was a need for these sorts of articles.

I eventually began testing and reviewing solar equipment. With the help of a developer friend, I also started coding online calculators to help DIY solar enthusiasts design their systems.

Testing out a 100 watt solar panel

I’ve now taken the plunge and work on Footprint Hero full-time. As someone concerned about climate change, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do this kind of work. My hope is that it can make a positive impact, however small, by helping readers add a little more renewable energy to their lives.

Thanks for stopping by.