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Use our interactive calculator to easily convert milliamps to amps (mA to A).

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Conversion formula: A = mA ÷ 1000

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Milliamps to Amps Conversion Chart

Here's a chart converting common milliamp values to amps.

Milliamps (mA)Amps (A)
1 mA0.001 A
2 mA0.002 A
3 mA0.003 A
4 mA0.004 A
5 mA0.005 A
10 mA0.01 A
20 mA0.02 A
30 mA0.03 A
40 mA0.04 A
50 mA0.05 A
100 mA0.1 A
250 mA0.25 A
500 mA0.5 A
750 mA0.75 A
1000 mA1 A
1500 mA1.5 A
2000 mA2 A
2500 mA2.5 A
3000 mA3 A
3500 mA3.5 A
4000 mA4 A
4500 mA4.5 A
5000 mA5 A

How to Convert Milliamps to Amps (mA to A)

To convert milliamps to amps, divide the number of milliamps by 1000.

Formula: amps = milliamps ÷ 1000

Abbreviated: A = mA ÷ 1000


For example, I tested the solar panel output from some small solar tea candles. The panel on one of the candles had a short circuit current of 46.3 milliamps.

When I tested the tiny solar panel on this solar candle, I measured a short circuit current of 46.3 milliamps, or 0.0463 amps.

Here's how to convert this number to amps:

46.3 mA ÷ 1000 = 0.0463 A

So, in this example, it would also be correct to say the solar panel has a short circuit current of 0.0463 amps.

That's all there is to it. 🙂

How to Convert Amps to Milliamps (A to mA)

To convert the other way, multiply amps times 1000.

Formula: milliamps = amps × 1000

Abbreviated: mA = A × 1000


To stick with the theme of solar panels, let's say you measure the short circuit current of a large 100 watt solar panel. You get a short circuit current of 6.08 amps.

This 100 watt solar panel has a short circuit current of 6.08 amps, or 6080 milliamps.

To convert this value to milliamps, you do the following:

6.08 A × 1000 = 6080 mA

So, expressed in milliamps, you would say this panel has a short circuit current of 6080 milliamps.

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