Amps to Kiloamps (A to kA) Conversion Calculator

Use our calculator to easily convert amps to kiloamps (A to kA).

Amps to Kiloamps Conversion Calculator

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kiloamps (kA)
Conversion formula: kA = A ÷ 1000

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Amps to Kiloamps Conversion Chart

Here is a conversion chart converting common values of amps to kiloamps.

Amps (A)Kiloamps (kA)
1 A0.001 kA
10 A0.01 kA
100 A0.1 kA
200 A0.2 kA
300 A0.3 kA
400 A0.4 kA
500 A0.5 kA
600 A0.6 kA
700 A0.7 kA
800 A0.8 kA
900 A0.9 kA
1000 A1 kA
2000 A2 kA
3000 A3 kA
4000 A4 kA
5000 A5 kA
6000 A6 kA
7000 A7 kA
8000 A8 kA
9000 A9 kA
10000 A10 kA

Note: Don't see the values you're looking for in this chart? Use our amps to kiloamps converter at the top of this page to calculate them for your specific scenario.

How to Convert Amps to Kiloamps (A to kA)

To convert amps to kiloamps, divide amps by 1000.

Conversion formula: kiloamps = amps ÷ 1000

Abbreviated formula: kA = A ÷ 1000


Let's say you're considering upgrading your home electric panel to a 200-amp panel.

Here's how to convert the panel's current rating to kiloamps:

200 A ÷ 1000 = 0.2 kA

So, in this example, the upgraded home electric panel has a 0.2 kA current rating.

I'll say that, in all my years of researching and building DIY solar systems and 12V electronics, I have never come across a system that outputs anything close to a kiloamp of current. That's just so much current. The wire you'd need to carry all of it would be incredibly thick and expensive.

For reference, the standard outlets in most US homes are rated to handle 15-20 amps (0.015-0.02 kiloamps) of current.

That's all to say, kiloamps are a rare unit to encounter 'in the wild', so you'll hardly ever need to do this conversion. If you see them, they'll mainly be in the context of certain high-power industrial processes.

How to Convert Kiloamps to Amps (kA to A)

Need to convert the other way?

To convert kiloamps to amps, you multiply the number of kiloamps by 1000.

Conversion formula: amps = kiloamps × 1000

Abbreviated formula: A = kA × 1000


Let's say you're working with a power line that has a current of 1.2 kiloamps.

Here's how to convert this number to amps:

1.2 kA × 1000 = 1200 A

So, in this example, the power line is carrying a current of 1200 amps.

Yikes! ⚡️

What Is an Amp?

The ampere -- often shortened to amp -- is the SI base unit of electrical current. Electrical current is a count of the number of charged particles flowing through a conductor.

Ampere is abbreviated A. So, 1 ampere can be written as 1 A.

What Is a Kiloamp?

A kiloampere -- often shortened to kiloamp -- is a multiple of the ampere equivalent to one thousand amperes (103 A or 1000 A).

Kiloampere is abbreviated kA. So, 1 kiloampere can be written as 1 kA.

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