Milliamp Hours to Milliamps (mAh to mA) Conversion Calculator

Use our calculator to easily convert milliamp hours to milliamps (mAh to mA).

Milliamp Hours to Milliamps Conversion Calculator

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Conversion formula: mA = mAh ÷ hrs

Or would you rather convert milliamps to milliamp hours?

Milliamp Hours to Milliamps Conversion Table

Here is a conversion table converting common values of milliamp hours to milliamps, over a duration of 1 hour and 1 day.

Milliamp Hours (mAh)Milliamps (mA) @ 1 hourMilliamps (mA) @ 1 day
100 mAh100 mA4.167 mA
200 mAh200 mA8.333 mA
300 mAh300 mA12.5 mA
400 mAh400 mA16.667 mA
500 mAh500 mA20.833 mA
600 mAh600 mA25 mA
700 mAh700 mA29.167 mA
800 mAh800 mA33.333 mA
900 mAh900 mA37.5 mA
1000 mAh1000 mA41.667 mA
1100 mAh1100 mA45.833 mA
1200 mAh1200 mA50 mA
1300 mAh1300 mA54.167 mA
1400 mAh1400 mA58.333 mA
1500 mAh1500 mA62.5 mA
1600 mAh1600 mA66.667 mA
1700 mAh1700 mA70.833 mA
1800 mAh1800 mA75 mA
1900 mAh1900 mA79.167 mA
2000 mAh2000 mA83.333 mA

Note: Don't see the values you're looking for in this table? Use our mAh to mA calculator at the top of this page to calculate them for your specific scenario.

How to Convert Milliamp Hours to Milliamps (mAh to mA)

To convert milliamp hours to milliamps, divide milliamp hours by hours.

Conversion formula: milliamps = milliamp hours ÷ hours

Abbreviated formula: mA = mAh ÷ hrs


Let's say your electric toothbrush has a 500 mAh battery and it lasts for 1.5 hours. Here's how to find out to calculate its current draw in milliamps

1500 mAh ÷ 1.5 hours = 1000 mA

Your toothbrush is using 1000 milliamps when on.

Why Convert Milliamp Hours to Milliamps?

Most electronics list how much current they use, in amps or milliamps. However, most devices also use varying levels of current depending on how you use them. (Your phone is consuming more power when you're streaming a video than when you're typing a note, for instance.)

So converting milliamp hours to milliamps can be useful when you're trying to estimate a device's average current draw.

For example, let's say you have a portable speaker with a 1200 mAh Li-ion battery. It lasts for 5 hours on a full charge. Here's how to estimate its average current draw:

1200 mAh ÷ 5 hrs = 240 mA

So, even though your speaker is using varying amounts of current from moment to moment depending on the volume level and other factors, you know that, on average, it's consuming around 240 milliamps.

How to Convert Milliamps to Milliamp Hours (mA to mAh)

Need to convert the other way?

To convert milliamps to milliamp hours, multiply milliamps by hours.

Conversion formula: milliamp hours = milliamps × hours

Abbreviated formula: mAh = mA × hrs


Let's say you have an e-reader that uses 50 milliamps. It lasts around 30 hours on a full charge.

Here's how to calculate how many milliamp hours it consumes:

50 mA × 30 hrs = 6000 mAh

So, your e-reader used 6000 milliamp hours of battery life in that time.

How to Convert Milliamp Hours to Amps (mAh to A)

Sometimes you want to express a device's current in amps (A) rather than milliamps. There are 1000 milliamps in 1 amp, so, to convert milliamp hours to amps, we need to first convert milliamp hours to milliamps and then do 1 extra step: divide by 1000.

Conversion formula: amps = milliamp hours ÷ hours ÷ 1000

Abbreviated formula: A = mAh ÷ hrs ÷ 1000

Calculator: Milliamp Hours to Amps Conversion Calculator


Let's say you have a solar power bank and, after 8 hours in the sun, it has collected 2000 mAh of solar energy. What was the average current the solar panel was generating?

2000 mAh ÷ 8 hrs ÷ 1000 = 0.25 A

Your power bank's solar panel was generating, on average, around 0.25 amps.

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