10-Min DIY Solar Wine Bottle Lights: 3 Steps (w/ Photos)

These DIY solar wine bottle lights may be the easiest DIY solar light project out there.

There are only THREE steps. And it took me just 10 minutes to make them.

Here’s how to do it!


That’s it!

Step 1: Remove the Wine Bottle’s Label

Peel the label off your bottle as best you can.

Spray what remains of the label with Goo Gone and let it sit for a few minutes. (I recommend doing this in a sink.)

Wipe off as much of the label as you can with a sponge or scrubber. This part took me a bit of time and elbow grease.

You may have to repeat this step if you don’t get all of the label off the first time.

Dry your bottle off!

Step 2: Insert the Solar Lights

Unwind the solar string lights.

Feed the entire string of lights into your bottle and cap it with the cork.

Turn the switch ON.

And you’re done! Wasn’t that so easy??

Step 3: Test Your Light

Place your hand over the solar panel to block incoming light. The string lights should turn on!

You can also wait until it gets dark and take your solar lantern outside. It should light up!

If the lights don’t turn on when you test it, make sure the switch is turned ON and try blocking the solar panel more fully.

Still not working? The battery could be drained. Leave your light outside in direct sun for a day then try again.

How to Use Your DIY Solar Wine Bottle Light

Simply place your light outside in direct sunlight to charge it (make sure the switch is ON).

The solar panel will charge the battery when it’s bright enough, and the lights will automatically come on at night.

That’s all there is to it!

Bonus: Discover More DIY Solar Light Projects

I’ve made a lot of homemade solar lights recently. Here are a couple more of my favorite projects.

1. 15-Min DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

This is another super easy solar light project. It’s essentially the same as making a solar wine bottle but with one difference — you frost the mason jar to give the light a soft, diffuse glow.

2. DIY Solar Flameless Candle

This solar candle is a great solar electronics project for beginners. In fact, I made it after just about two months of studying electronics.

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Alex Beale
Alex Beale
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